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Make an Event of It!

Back in June, I spoke at my second conference, RubyNation. I’d been waiting a while to post about it until the video was up, but until then my slides are available online.

It was an awesome conference, not least for the chance to meet a number of people who I already followed and admire online–Avdi Grimm, Sandi Metz and Steve Klabnik. The Ruby community continues to prove itself as welcoming and friendly as I’ve always heard it is.

Will update if/when the video gets posted.

Conferences Ruby

DIY::Thread.profile – Light-Weight Profiling in Pure Ruby

First conference presentation, check! It was a great week in SLC visiting with friends and rubbing elbows with so many awesome Ruby folks. I might post some follow-up thoughts later on, but for now I wanted to be sure to link to my slides.

The ever awesome Confreaks were recording, so at some point a better video than the version will be up.

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Two Firsts!

The first first, something I’ve written is live on the New Relic blog. Of course I’m also pretty pleased with the feature that it mainly discusses–Thread Profiling in Ruby–which is the first big chunk of code I’ve written that’s shipped so far.

Which actually leads to the next big news… I’ll be speaking at MountainWest Ruby Conf on Thread Profiling. This is the first talk I’ve had accepted to a conference, and I’m humbled to be on the same speaker page with Matz and Ward and so many other sharp folks. This time last year, I wouldn’t have dreamed that I’d be in this spot.

Working for New Relic is definitely paying off in more than just the day to day!